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Bakers Bin focuses on baking made easy for the novice baker to the professional chef; supplying them with ingredients, easy to follow pre mixes, decorations, kids’ party accessories, sweets, custom icing sugar prints and even state of the art imported utensils to create your own baking art piece. Our aim is to satisfy your full circle baking needs, from the packaging to cleaning products all conveniently availably in one location – the Bakers Bin Shop.


Bakers Bin started with the first shop opening in 1999. It was a small but successful start with the realisation early in 2003 that the customer base needed to be more diverse and expansion may be required. The thought was sprung into action and our very first franchise, Bakers Bin East Rand was opened in 2004 . Following the success of the East Rand branch, more shops soon followed.


The core of Bakers Bin value system is to supply a quality product range with competitive pricing to the customer. Over the years as the Home and Retail Industry changed, Bakers Bin ensured that they stayed abreast with the latest market trends and adapted accordingly.  Although change is inevitable, Bakers Bin ensured that with each change the customer is still the priority by offering up-to-date quality products at competitive prices.



What We Stock

We specialize in selling directly to the public at our various shops but also do bulk wholesale. Please note, not all shops have the same stock list and it may vary depending on shop location and demand.  Inquire directly at each individual shop for a more complete product list. Our products list is huge but here’s some to name a few.  


Baking Ingredients

Coconut, CocoaCorn starchBicarbonate of soda, Cream of tartar, Custard powder, Gelatine, Baking powder etc

 Our cocoa can be compared to the best and are available in its darkest alkalized form for those special cakes.


Dough and Pre-Mixes

 Muffin and Cupcake dough. Try our famous locally produced dough, still a strong seller and unchanged for 16 years

Chocolate and Vanilla sponge pre-mixes

All South Bakels mixes and products, of which we have been a proud retailer since day one

Mousses, cookies, milk tart mixes etc

Puff pastry

Ready made cake sponges, just decorate

Frozen Cocktail beef/chicken sausage rolls.



Local Glucose and Glycerine, Fructose, Icing sugar, castor sugar, white and brown sugar

Baking compound, coverture chocolate and moulds. Distributors of Orley/Kerry products for over 15 years plus a variety of other brands

Fruit toppings of the highest quality


Plastic Icing or Fondant, white and coloured. (South Bakels)

Gum paste, CMC and related products. (Cake Flora and Sweet Celebrations)

Dried fruit and Nuts. Sourced locally and/or Sugar Bird, Safari/SAD imported

Seeds, local and imported

Supa Bake/Wooden Spoon Margarine, proud distributors for over 15  years


We also stock:


Baking pans

Frozen pies/meals and pizzas (Dough Jo)

Cookie and fondant cutters

High quality name brand cleaning products and are proud distributors of Cleaning Warehouse products




For any enquiries visit us in store or contact us on:
TELEPHONE: 011 431 1083
FAX: 086 776 3715
EMAIL: northcliff@bakersbin.co.za