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Absolute Pets brings premium quality pet food and accessories to your shopping centre. The convenient location of Absolute Pets stores gives you easy access to the best in pet care and nutrition.

Every store is owned by a registered veterinarian and subscribes to the rules and regulations of the South Africa Veterinary Association. Absolute Pets is also authorised to offer non-prescription veterinary medications, such as top of the range deworming solutions, monthly tick and flea control preparations, specialist skin care and grooming products.

Our range of toys and accessories has been selected to exceed even the most ardent pet lover's expectations, while our animal loving staff are specially trained to assist customers and their pets by offering exceptional sales, service and professional advice in all aspects of pet care and nutrition.

Do Fireworks Terrify Your Pet?


Calmeze For Dogs & Cats


 When to Use Calmeze?


Calmeze can be use in stressful aituations and to relieve anxiety in dogs and cat


                  How does it work ?

        Calmeze contains L-Trytophan which is converted by the body to Serotonin.Serotonin is often

         referred to as the feel good hormone and redduces anxiety and stress.

           L-Theanine , which is also present in Calmeze , promotes relaxation     and reduces anxiety 






































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