Heathway Centre

Anja's Banting Pantry

Anjas Pantry is not just about low carb and sugar free food products. It is about the decisions all of us have made to change the way we feel about food - the conscious decision to fall in love with good quality food which is good for our bodies, the willingness to explore and seek and not to take the easiest and cheapest routes out anymore, the discovery of truly healthy bodies and most of all the passion with which we are walking this road. 

In our pantry you will find premixes of all kinds, condiments, sweets, beverages and snacks as well as all the other products you need for an ultimate healthy life style. Our focus is on quality and taste, as well as on offering you a variety with which you can change and fill your pantry.




For any enquiries on any of our products please contact us on 072 605 0178

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